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Why I can find my computer with splashtop web browser but not with splashtop remote, or camcam??

Alberto Macias
asked this on October 13, 2011, 17:52

I have purshased and installed splashtop remote, web browser, and xdisplay I've been using them and they worked great. I just upgraded splashtop remote in my ipad and bought splashtop camcam and I cannot find my computers anymore even in the same network. I tried disabling all my firewalls.

The funniest-weirdest thing is that I can connect using splashtop web browser, even with google internet discovery, I'm doing it right know and with web browser my two computers show up right away, tried with the other two apps and nothing.

I think is something with the new apps, please help!



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Ramiro Rico

I have purshased and installed splash top remote to use my CamCam but it does not work. I think there should be a better explanation on the APP Store that CamCam for iPads does not support Mac's.  Please do something about it or I will give you a Bad rating on the Apple Store...Suggestions you don't sell a product if it does not work.  Thanks

February 18, 2012, 07:25