How can I improve video/audio smoothness when watching a movie on my tablet or phone?


Splashtop Remote will stream your PC screen to your iPad through the network real-time, so the performance mainly depends on the bandwidth capacity and the actual available bandwidth.  Generally, using a tablet outside to watch a movie that is playing on your home computer is not a feasible usage model.

However, here are some suggestions for improving video smoothness when watching a movie on a tablet or phone:

  1. Check if your computer and your tablet or phone meets the system requirements (see this topic: )
  2. Use your tablet in a stable networking environment.  Basically, public locations like Starbucks, or an airport, won't have good networking quality even if you are using 3G to connect.
  3. Optimize your network bandwidth between your computer and wireless router:
    Connect your computer to your wireless router using LAN cable instead of through Wi-Fi.
  4. Remove the possible blocks on the Streamer side (the computer running the Splashtop Streamer).  For example, disable the firewall on anti-virus or security software (like Microsoft Security Essentials; see the MISC section below for more info) or disable the firewall settings on your home router.
  5. Optimize your display resolution:
    On your tablet or phone, set the computer's display resolution to 1024 x 768 (see the topic: ).
  6. Lower the resolution to 800 x 600 on the Streamer side (the computer you are remote-accessing) to minimize the streaming data size.

    note.gif  NOTE:  If you adjust the resolution on the tablet side, your computer resolution will automatically be scaled down during the connection session, and will automatically be restored to the original resolution when disconnected.
  7. Optimize your video mode (only for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch):
    In the connected session on your tablet or phone to your computer, bring up the "Controls" with a 3-finger tap.  Select the first left control, the video mode, and set the video mode to Smooth  (See: ).

    note.gif  NOTE:  By default, the Splashtop Remote session uses Sharp video mode, and it is often the case that Smooth video mode is more suitable for movie playback.

  8. If your client device is running Android, and there is a customized ROM (i.e. Galaxy Task 14 ROM) with ad-blocker embedded, this would block Splashtop streaming and cause serious latency.  Take it out to see if there's any difference.

If your computer meets the minimal system requirements as stated in Suggestion 1 above, then simply use the Smooth video mode to enhance the quality as mentioned in Suggestion 7.


**Feedback from one of our users:  "The DPC (Deferred Procedure Calls) latency was too high, causing drop-outs with streaming audio or video.  The solution for me was to test disabling Microsoft Security Essentials Real-time protection.  After confirming that this solved the issue, I then followed the instructions to add MsMpEng.exe to the exclusion list.  Also added the Splashtop Remote files to the exclusion list.  Do this at your own risk.  If you want to check the DPC latency yourself, download the DPC latency checker at Other useful links are: and

The issue could be resolved by changing how Microsoft Security Essentials works.  If you are not using MSE and are still having the issue, I'd strongly recommend checking out the DPC latency checker, and the thread mentioned above on"

**For Android devices:  There is a known issue on the Android audio module (Xoom) on version 3.0.  It will cause audio popping on the Android client side.   This can be fixed by updating to Android version 3.1.

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    Luke Parsons / 潘光明

    When I first got Splashtop, I was using it on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and while the video was choppy, the audio was perfectly clear and was like listening to the movie at home. However now that I have started to use it again, I have found the video AND the audio to be so slow and choppy that it is unusable. I even decided to buy the iOS app for my iPod Touch and use that instead but it also has very slow audio and very choppy.

    Splashtop used to be really awesome but now it's not good at all.

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    Mike Whalley

    This app sucks. It runs so slow it is unusable.


    Splashtop team aren't much help either.

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