Success stories from users on "connection failed" issues


In this topic, we would like to collect some experiences from users on how they solved their problems related to lost or failed connections, in the hopes that their experiences and solutions could help other users solve similar problems.   We welcome you to add your trouble-shooting tips here.

Case #1:

Try this...improved things dramatically for me in Mac OS X.  Go into your control panel, Sharing.  Turn off everything.  When I did this I finally got it to work.  I still have file sharing turned on, but lost remote management via Apples Remote Desktop.  Likely a port conflict.  Having paid for both the iPad and iPhone editions I would like it to work a lot more stabler---Grant Corban


Case #2:

I experienced the same problem on my ASUS EEE Pad Transformer when I bought Splashtop Remote today.  The Streamer was installed on a Windows 7 machine with Norman Security Suite.  I repeatedly lost the connection every 10-30 secs.

When I turned off the Norman Firewall it works just fine!

Hope that's a clue to work on.---Øystein Jakobsen


Case #3:

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Hit start, type firewall, access the advanced firewall settings.  Go to Inbound Connections.  Search down the list of rules for anything Splashtop Remote.  Delete them all.   I had multiple entries of the same thing (by multiple I mean 20 - 30 of each).  Once that is deleted, uninstall Splashtop through Control Panel.  Reinstall the latest Streamer.

I am now able to connect, no problem, to the computer over local Wi-Fi and internet.---Adam Rabinowitz


Case #4:

Here is how I SOLVED it.  I hope it works for you.

I have several systems running the client.  An iMAC, Windows 7, and Server 2008R2.  The one that would not work was the essential one, my freshly upgraded MacMini media centre.  Same message as everyone else "Lost connection, trying to reconnect..." , same continuous logging in then immediate disconnection.  I tried changing my router, reinstalling Splashtop, tried a variety of versions of Splashtop.  Still no-go, UNTIL....

On the MAC, go to Control Panel.  SHARING.  DISABLE remote management.  It worked immediately for me.  I then re-enabled it as I use Apple remote desktop with this system.  It continued working until later this evening when I tried again and it would not work.  I went in with Apple Remote Desktop, and disabled the tick next to Remote Management again.  I immediately lost connection with Apples Remote Desktop (of course) but Splashtop immediately connected. 

I hope this helps everyone using the MAC version.  I do not know if there is a port conflict, but seems to be the issue.---Grant Corban


Case #5:

OK, ... and update from MY side of things ....

1.  I uninstalled the latest version of the Streamer and then used an earlier version.  This STILL FAILED.

2.   I found reference made in another SplashTop forum thread by a rep to 3 executables to be ALLOWED thru your firewall.  These are:




            (spupnp.exe and SRLogin.exe also need to be added--by Splashtop)

3.   I checked my firewall history and saw that SRFeature had been rejected, so took the ABOVE advice and "allowed" them thru the firewall.

4.   Reinstalled the latest Streamer version (at this point

5.   Re-ran Splashtop on PC and iPad ....... IT WORKED once again.

 My advice, try allowing the above 3 items thru your firewall ....---Rob Richards


Case #6:

Right!  How I fixed the problem is as follows.  It may work for others.  I had already tried this once, but it failed to solve the issue first time; so no guarantee. 

1.   Shut down all apps on iPad and restart it.  Everything!!

2.   Restart PC.

3.   Open up app on iPad and leave at main screen showing computers available. 

4.   On PC turn off firewall on antivirus.  (in my case mcafee)

5.   Try to connect via iPad to PC. 

6.   Once connected, turn on firewall and it should come up with an authorization for Splashtop software.  Click OK.   (do not disconnect iPad if connected)

7.   It should now have all the permissions you need to connect. 

As I say, I had already tried this but it didn't work first time.  It may be the order in which I did things  or the restarting of the iPad and PC (which had been done after all the updates) or the fact I turned on the firewall whilst actually connected via the iPad.  It is definitely an issue with the permissions on the firewall I think.  So worth exploring that.  You might think the above is simple but I really had tried everything else that I could think of and I was lucky the above worked.  Fingers crossed it stays this way. ---James Pravato

Case #7:

I can now confirm that I have fixed this problem, and it has nothing to do with nvidia optimization because I do NOT have an nvidia card. The problem is a bug. I don't have computer speakers, I only use a Logitech USB headset with headphones and mic built in. With this device hooked up to my computer, Splashtop will not connect, it gives the same error I have gotten for months. If I unplug my Logitech USB headset, it connects perfectly. I do not get sound at all from anything on my computer though. I have the option set in Splashtop Streamer to mute my PC and forward sound to my tablet. But I don't get sound from anything. But like I said, tell everyone that is having this problem to check if they use a USB headset for sound, and if so, unplug it and try again. Because I can confirm that this has been causing my problems all around. I don't know why the log file didn't help anyone figure this out, but that was definitely the problem affecting me. I can plug in the headset, and it won't connect and give the same error and log entry. Unplug it, and it works fine minus sound.---Tom Sweeney

Case #8:

Ok might not be the golden bullet but worked for me, check your routers password encryption method for the wireless, mine was set to AES I changed it to AES or Tkip all of a sudden iPad can see pc. This is after deleting reinstalling etc etc etc for 3 hrs not sure why it suddenly decided it didn't like aes anyway post back if this worked for you, I signed up to the forum just to share this and hopefully save someone's frustration---Aryan gill

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    Keith Gordon
    The app would not work on my iPad with iOS 3.2.2. I upgraded to iOS 4.3.5 and everything works. The suggestion to me was emailed within two hours of asking the question, which is pretty fast in my experience.
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    Richard. Qian

    I have install the lateste vision of this app. And I update my IPAD to ISO5.0. Then I found I can not connect to the splashtop steamer. The issue is that is screen show that I am connecting the computer,but the ipad show that I can not connet to the computer.

    I have already reinstall everything of the software, the problem can not fix.

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    case # 3 sounds promising but I have  windows XP any ideas?

     how many hours does it take to make this program work ?

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    Richard Boggs

    Case #7 fixed it for me as well. I'm running Streamer on my Win7 machine & on my iPad 2; when connecting over 3G I kept getting the "S=03 E=00000000" or "S=03 E=84000121" errors & failed connected. Connecting via (local) Wifi worked fine. When I unplugged my USB headphones (NOT Logitech, these are Microsoft), I was able to connect over 3G as well. Not ideal, however, as that means I have to remember to unplug the headphones when I leave the office.

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    Jeff Stewart

    I found I could resolve a 3G connection issue by UNCHECKING the "When your mobile device connects to this computer, redirect all sound to it and mute this computer (for most apps)" setting in Splashtop Streamer settings.

    This resonates with the trouble people have been having with USB headsets and other audio devices causing connection problems...

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    Andrew Stuart Alston

    iv tried all of these but none of them work unfortunatly. Iv used the programm on my mac and my fathers pc to test and both work fine, but for my main pc i can not seem to get a connection and just gives me the "S=03 E=84000121" error

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    @Andrew Stuart Alston ,

    Please try our new update coming two days later, but for iPad only this time.

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    Christopher Weber

    Same issue "S=03 E=00000000" or "S=03 E=84000121" ...:-(

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    I can connect just fine using the Android Splashtop 2 to get to my Vista x64 system. This includes from LANs other than the one my Vista system is on. When I use the Splashtop remote from another desktop, I can discover the Vista system, but cannot connect. This suggests that the firewall settings on the Vista system are okay since I can connect from the tablet, but either the outbound firewalls from the Splashtop remote desktop are not correct, or something else is wrong. There is no error message other than "Cannot connect to your computer".

    Are there any logs stored on the host of the remote client? If so, where are they located? The contents may shed some light on what is being blocked and where.

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    Chris Nelson
    There is an easier way... All of you are doing it the hard way. I have two computers tied to my splashtop remote desktop If you can login via LAN, but not remotely then it is a firewall issue. To resolve, log in via LAN turn off firewall. Logout Login via remote, then re-enable firewall while still tempting Done. Now you can login via LAN/remote without issues
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    Bud Ervin

    I have been getting immediate disconnects with a Windows 10 laptop that is not on wireless.  My troubleshooting found that I was only disconnected while a certain user was logged in on that laptop.  I found in event viewer that SRFeature.exe was crashing right after I'd connect - and the crash was related to GroveEx.dll (part of Microsoft Office).  I couldn't find where to remove Groove components so I just renamed the GrooveEx.dll files (there were 2 and we don't use Groove) and then rebooted.  No more connection issues.

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