Firewall settings on different anti-virus/security software


Different types of anti-virus products and security software may have different firewall settings, and all them will generally block the connection between Splashtop Streamer and your tablet/phone.  For your convenience, we have started preparing documents for various anti-virus products, which include screenshots and step-by-step instructions on how to allow you to use Splashtop Remote, in conjunction with these products. 

If you have installed any of the products listed below, please view the related document for the suggested firewall settings.


If you are using any security software products that are not listed above, which are blocking the connection between Splashtop Remote and your tablet/phone, please let us know.   Our goal is to keep preparing step-by-step documents for these other firewall products also, for a smoother Splashtop Remote experience for everyone.

In addition, if you have already figured out how to set the firewall options successfully in other security products, we welcome you to provide this information about your experiences here, which could provide helpful assistance for other Splashtop Remote users.

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