How can I connect my tablet/phone(with v1.x app) to my computer with Splashtop Streamer 2 installed?

We recently released a new Splashtop 2 app which is currently only for the iPad and Android tablets.  If you are using other tablets/phones with v1.x app, or if you are using our other apps such as Whiteboard, Presenter, FileHound, CamCam, XDisplay, Touchpad, etc., and you have already updated to the new Splashtop Streamer or above version (for Windows or Mac), please follow the steps below in order to keep your Splashtop Remote Desktop app capable of connecting to this new Streamer on your computer:

1. Click the Advanced tab(or 'Others' tab in v2.0.0.6+) tab (shown in the illustration below) in the Splashtop Streamer dialog box.

2. Make sure these settings have been properly filled in (same as Streamer v1.7.x).

  • Security code:  You can redefine a new security code if you wish, or, just input your existing code here twice (in the Create your security code and Confirm your security code fields).
  • Google account:  Input your Gmail (Google Account field) and related password (Password field) which is needed for the Internet Discovery function.
  • Port: 6783 is the default value in the Port field.  Don't forget, if you change this value, you must create a manual connection profile in your Splashtop app in order to access the computer.

3. Ignore the settings in the other tabs.

In this way, you can connect your client device to your computer as you did with Splashtop Streamer v1.7.x.




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