What Splashtop Remote behaviors can I control in the Settings screen?


The options available are listed in the illustration of the Settings screen below.  To access this Settings screen, open the Splashtop Remote screen on your iPad which lists all computers that have been added.  Then tap the "gear" button gear-button.png near the upper right of the screen:



The Settings screen will then open, similar to the illustration below:



The version number of your Splashtop Remote Desktop is displayed here.

Show hints every time
By default, the Hints screen (illustrating the screen-control actions you can perform during a Splashtop Remote connection) displays every time a remote connection is started. In the Show hints every time field, you can disable or re-enable this feature.

Allow Auto-Lock
By default, the Auto-Lock feature is turned off automatically during the entire Splashtop Remote session.  After the connection to the remote computer is stopped, Auto-Lock will be turned back on automatically.  You can control this manually.  If you wish to enable the Auto-Lock function during a Splashtop Remote session, set the Allow Auto-Lock field to ON in the Settings screen.

Help improve product with anonymous usage data
This option lets you choose whether or not to participate in the "Help Improve Software" feature.  Information that would be collected anonymously includes how often, and for how long, you use the product and its various features, so we know how we could enhance your experience.  Again, please be assured that no information personally identifying you will be collected.  We appreciate your help, and hope that you will participate. 

Splashtop Inc. acknowledges all open source community members and especially thanks contributors to the open source projects that we leveraged in developing Splashtop® Remote.  Tap the Acknowledgements field to view this file, which also contains information about obtaining the corresponding source code.

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    Would like to see 2 more options here

    - lock splashtop server computer's screen and keyboard on session connect - ON/OFF

    - keep remote server computer's screen locked on session disconnect - ON/OFF

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    Missy van
    I have to agree with Paul. These features would be very helpful. There are times that my kids are home when I connect to do this or that, including paying bills. I really don't want my kids seeing what I'm doing, so locking the pc screen upon connection would be nice.
  • 0
    A. Computerdude

    What is the status? These are MUST have options in a work environment.

    I want my money back for the app, it's useless to me without these options.

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    Alfred Carlsson

    I think options such as the ones suggested by paul should be found in "Computer Settings" -> "Advanced" on the iPad, making it possible to have individual settings for each computer. The "Application Settings" screen is fine as it is I think. (v.

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    Alfred Carlsson

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to change the name on the setting "Allow auto-lock" to "Allow iPad auto-lock" to make it clear that it's about the iPad Application behavior and not computer behavior?

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