How can I switch between my computer's extended monitor(s)?


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To switch between a computer's extended monitor(s), you need to:

  1. Bring up the "Controls" menu.
  2. Tap on the "Switch displays (or monitors)" to switch (second icon from the left).

For more details on the "Controls" menu, please view this guide:  What are the various items in the "Controls" menu?

note.gif  NOTE:  Tapping on the 'Switch displays" in the "Controls" menu will toggle through the available extended monitors connected to the computer.

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    Dale Topley

    This used to work fine on my Android but now when I tap the switch displays icon nothing happens. Any ideas?

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    Carlos Novoa

    Is this option also available on desktops? I'm connected on a machine running Windows to a Macintosh that has a dual monitor. I want to be able to view the second monitor through Splashtop and not just the main screen.

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