"Not licensed," or other error message, incorrectly displays on Android device upon first run of Splashtop Remote


Google controls the "payment" and "certification" for all the apps on Android devices.  After you purchase and download our Splashtop Remote app, Google will check to verify that the app is paid for and licensed.  For some reason, this check fails sometimes, and a message incorrectly reports "not licensed."

We have received many reports from customers related to this issue.  Below we share some of their feedback and suggestions. 

  • First we want to mention that some users reported that they did nothing, and 24 hours later this issue disappeared even though they took no action.  You might consider just waiting 24 hours, when Google automatically checks the "license" again.
  • Make sure you are using the same login account as the purchase account.
  • Make sure the date in the phone is correct.  Some users say that a wrong date will cause this issue.
  • We have had reports of a message such as "An error occurred.  Please try again." displaying even before the Accept and Buy button appears.  Apparently this will happen if you are using Google Apps for Domains, and your IT Administrator has Google Wallet turned OFF.  Please turn it ON, and you should then be able to purchase a non-free app after Google Wallet has been enabled.
  • Try rebooting the Android device, which forces the Android system to check the license again.
  • Try clearing the cache.  Basic steps are:

1.  Go to Settings of your Android system.
2.  Click Applications.
3.  Click Manage Applications.
4.  Find the Splashtop Remote app and click on it.
5.  You will see a Clear Data button.  Click it.
6.  A warning message will pop up.  Just click OK.
7.  After the above steps are done, try clicking on the Splashtop Remote app again.


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