Do you know any way I can buy and install Splashtop Remote Desktop for Android app?


Since the Android paid apps are not available in some countries, we have prepared our apps on other markets (Amazon app store, and for end users to purchase.  Here is the list for reference:


Android Market:


Amazon appstore:


Barnes & Nobles:


(it's no longer available from June 2012)
GetJar (A free version, functions restricted, e.g.: without Internet Discovery):


And for the Samsung Apps store, below is the related information for your reference:

Samsung Apps:


 Splashtop Support team!

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    Carol Hampton
    Thanks for the info. Now i have to figure oit if i want to switcj to a tablet sinc the HD version will not work on the lapdock since it still has to be driven by the phone. It's such a wonderful app i wish i could use it
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