How do I make my tablet/phone find my computer automatically?


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Here are some suggestions you can try:

  • Make sure your computer and your tablet/phone are on the same local network (connected to the same wireless router).

    If your computer and your tablet/phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network, your computer should be automatically discovered by Splashtop Remote from your tablet/phone.
  • If you can't automatically find your computer on the same local network, please also try to change the encryption on your home router(esp. NETGEAR). Try to change to AES Tkip or none encryption to see if there's difference.
  • Make sure your Streamer program on the computer has been successfully launched (an icon will show in the Windows System Tray or the Mac Toolbar).
  • Try to add the computer profile from your tablet/phone.  To add a computer profile automatically, follow this guide for assistance:  How do I add or specify a computer I want to connect to?
  • If you have created multiple user accounts on the computer (Windows), try to delete the registry KEY under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Splashtop Inc.\ , then restart the computer and try again.
  • Allow Splashtop Remote as a trusted application program to your firewall software application:

    Mac configuration:  Firewall Settings for Splashtop Remote - Mac configuration.

    Windows configuration:  Firewall Settings for Splashtop Remote - Norton.

    If you have other third-party anti-virus/firewall software applications (e.g., ESET NOD, MSE, McAfee, Norton, ZoneAlarm, DoorStop X, VirusBarrier X6 etc...) installed in your computer, please configure them to add Splashtop Remote services into the allowed program list. We have collected some samples on this link could be a good reference :Firewall settings on different anti-virus/security software.
  • If your firewall software needs to add files respectively, please add the files as follows. 

-inputserv.exe (only necessary for Splashtop Remote Touchpad)
-TCP ports 6783~6785 by default, if your firewall requests to open ports instead of adding exception files.

  • If you are using Windows 7, please add another firewall policy for opening ports 6783~6785, which are used by Splashtop Remote by default.

Procedure:  Open the Windows Start Menu, open the All Programs list, type "firewall," access the advanced firewall settings.  Go to Inbound Connection, click "New Rules" in the right panel, select Port, click Next, select TCP, then type 6783-6785.

note.gif  NOTE:  Firewall settings may differ depending on the firewall software you use.  We can only provide guides to some of them; we are unable to provide a detailed guide for all.  So we recommend that you can first turn OFF the firewall temporarily when trying other suggestions stated and then turn the firewall back on.

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    I have been unable to configure Zonealarm's Extreme Security v10 (aka 2012) correctly until reading this page.  The firewall portion does configure easily, in a similar fashion to the Norton example, however, ZA's Applicatoin Control section doesn't recognize any of the programs listed above, particularly the DataProxy and inputserv (I have a touchpad).  Until I saw this list, I could not configure ZAX correctly, as the DataProxy was not listed with the other Splashtop software, and inputserv not, at all (since my computer would lockup prior to it's being used, and listed in ZAX's programs list).  All must be individually granted 'Trusted',  'No Enforcement' or 'Super'  trust levels, with the 'allow interaction with other applications' as well as 'Program may use other programs to access the Internet' check boxes in the "Options"  selection under each individual program. If you don't do this then ZAX will lockup your computer's resources. Without these settings, the user must turn off the Application Control portion of ZAX.  It would be beneficial if someone would contact Checkpoint and have them put in the correct settings for these applications so ZAX would configure them automatically at the lowest settings possible. I also would suggest that you configure UPnP for the Windows app to open ports automatically on the computer and router firewalls (even ZAX understand and allows this), and if it's not enabled, tell the users to configure it manually.

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    Ed Pataky

    save issue here .. configured router with port forwarding, signed into google, tried manual ... i can only connect to mac if i am logged into the mac .. if i go out of town, i don't want to leave my computer open i want to log in as i do on windows ... please post solution soon, does not work and i need it ... 

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    Ed Pataky

    sorry last comment was meant for diff topic

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    Kaleb Hill
    I'm having a major problem... I have two laptops on my home network. They both are found automatically using Splashtop Remote on my Asus transformer tf201 tablet and I'm able to connect successfully to both computers with no problem. On my Galaxy S3, however, both are found automatically, but only one is able to connect. To make matters even more weird, I downloaded and paid a year's worth for Splashtop Personal and only one computer is showing up automatically (the one I'm able to successfully connect to). I've tried setting up the one not found manually, but it never populates on my list. And ALL of this is being done locally in my home network. Any suggestions??? I'm on my last nerve.
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