Why am I unable to see video on my computer, played remotely from my iPad? 


Certain codecs (mostly third-party codecs) use hardware overlay (or hardware acceleration) for video rendering.  This situation will result in Splashtop Remote iPad being unable to capture the desktop screen correctly through the Microsoft® Windows® screen-capture APIs.  In this case, you may try to change the setting of the codecs.

For example:

  1. In Media Player Classic, enabling VMR-7 (renderless) or VMR-9 (renderless) in the Playback Output options should help.  See this topic:  http://wiki.digital-digest.com/index.php/Media_Player_Classic:_Hints_and_Tips for detailed information.
  2. In Media Player, Tools --> Performance tab --> Advanced button --> uncheck Use Overlays under Video Acceleration in ver9 (XP).  Or uncheck Use Overlays under DVD Video in ver11(Vista/Win7).
  3. In VLC player, go to Tools --> Preferences --> Video, and uncheck Accelerate Video Output.  Then restart VLC.
  4. In GOM player, press F5 to open the Setup window.  In Video/Output --> select VMR7 or VMR9.

Or, if you are using other media players, you may alternatively try to turn off Direct X™ rendering features, or disable hardware acceleration.

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    Ilan Yogev


    It works now

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    Dan Tarullo
    Windows media player and QuickTime would work on my machine but not through splashtop, only sound. Once i added divx i was able to run full screen with sound and video through splashtop using the divx player only.
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    Trevor Pearson

    Thanks Dan tried Divx player at your suggestion when playing an .avi video using the VLC player would not be picked up by the remote tablet and it now works a treat.

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    Using VLC followed the instructions and now works perfectly! THanks

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