Why is there only audio playback (no video) on my tablet/phone?


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 You may be experiencing this due to the full-screen display limitation in Splashtop Remote Streamer.  Please try to configure your video player to "windowed mode" and see if it helps.

To learn how to configure your video player into "windowed mode", please view this guide:  How do I configure an application to run in "windowed mode"?


If the problem of no video being shown on your tablet/phone still exists, then it might be due to a known issue related to video codecs.  In this case, you can try enabling other video codecs to solve the playback problem. Please refer to the guide:  Why am I unable to see video on my computer, played remotely from my tablet/phone?


note.gif  NOTE:  Sometimes you may encounter a warning dialog such as "Splashtop Remote currently does not support applications that require direct screen access.  Please reconfigure the application to run in windowed mode."  If this happens, configuring the application to run in windowed mode will usually resolve the problem.

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