Why does the mouse cursor flicker in Windows XP when Splashtop Remote is connected?


We have received some reports from users who have told us their mouse pointer seems to flicker or blink when using Splashtop Remote with Windows XP.  After investigating, we found that this is indeed a limitation in Windows XP.  

The good news is that we have found a work-around.  It's a rather involved work-around, but if you really want to avoid the mouse-flicker condition during connection via Splashtop Remote, you can try the following steps to disable it, then re-connect  to see if there is any improvement.


  1. Please download the attachment  [DisableForceCapBlt_XP.zip].
  2. Extract the zip file and execute  [DisableForceCapBlt_XP.reg]  (e.g.  by double-clicking on it).
  3. Connect to the Windows XP computer again from the Splashtop Remote Desktop client device.
  4. Check to see if the mouse cursor still flickers or not.


caution.gif  There is something we need to highlight here:  This workaround may cause a limitation related to the Windows transparency effect.  That is, for a Windows transparency-effect UI, it may not be shown on the Splashtop Remote Desktop client devices.  This would be the trade-off.  The mouse would hopefully no longer flicker, but the Windows transparency-effect UI would not carry over to the client display.

caution.gif  NOTE: this work-around will be incompatible with, e.g.: {Splashtop Whiteboard}, {Splashtop Presenter}, ...

We are continuing to look for other solutions to this Windows XP limitation, and apologize for any inconvenience.


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    This worked for me Win XP SP3 

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    Didn't work for me.  Pretty annoying- is this still actively being addressed?  I don't remember having this problem with my "former" remote access solution.

    Another concern- some of these xp machines are running an old version of Internet Explorer.  Your website's login requirement for a CAPTCHA code does not work on those old browsers.  I don't think it should be required to start upgrading browsers to log into a website.  Please provide an alternate means of logging in; a user name and password should be sufficient!

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