How can I open the virtual keyboard? And, after it is open, how can I scroll the screen?


The keyboard opens automatically in the lower portion of the iPad screen when you tap within any editable field of Splashtop Remote Desktop. You can also open it by tapping the Keyboard icon keyboard-icon.png at the bottom of the screen.


If you find that the keyboard is blocking a portion of the screen you want to see, you can use a "three-finger drag" to scroll the screen. Place three fingers above the keyboard and then drag in the desired direction. The entire screen will be moved accordingly. (Several types of screen-control actions are available.)

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    On the andriod version the icon is SO SMALL and it dont works,

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    Michael Wolfe

    The newest version of THD broke this functionality for me on the Transformer Prime. That is, THD hides the icon when the keyboard dock is connected. But the keyboard dock lacks much-needed OS X modifier keys, leaving me helpless. Please fix ASAP.

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    Jiang Jiang

    We just released THD v1.0.1.6 to fix this issue. Three finger click the screen will pop up control bar, there is 'keyboard' icon on it. You can click the 'keyboard' to get special keys.

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