What are the various items in the "Controls" menu?


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The "Controls" menu is where advanced in-session controls can be found.  To bring up the "Controls" menu shown below, perform a three-finger tap during a connected session:



These six buttons are explained below in order of their appearance on the menu (from left to right).

Show Hints

  • Displays the Hints screen.

Lock / Unlock Orientation

  • Provides the capability to lock or unlock the orientation to either Portrait or Landscape.

Video mode

  • Provides two video modes; sharp (default) and smooth video rendering.

Switch displays (or monitors)

  • Provides switching to and back from your secondary monitor if your computer has more than one display/monitor.

Arrow keypads

  • Provides an arrow pad for ease of operation on applications.


  • Disconnects the current session and goes back to the list of computers.


note.gif  NOTE:  The iPad, with iOS 4.3 or later, is capable of configuring the "Side Switch" to either Lock Rotation or Mute.

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