Version released

We just released a new version for the iPad, and a matching one for the iPhone / iPod touch.

New iPhone and iPod touch features:

  • support Retina Display resolution
  • support Chinese/Japanese input methods
  • added Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish localizations
  • support Wake-on-LAN 
  • fixed issues with Ctrl+Alt+Del for secure logon 
  • improved gesture responsiveness

New iPad features:

  • added Spanish and Korean localizations
  • improved gesture responsiveness
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    Deejay Lee
    Korean IME isn't working properly. if you type with a external keyboard. all the letters splits. only way you could input korean is to have keyboard external input screen on the top of the ipad's keypard and send sentence by sentence. please fix asap. Thanks. by the way, I love your product. one of the best software for ipad. :)
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