Mac Server 1.0 Released

Mac OSX in the palm of your hand !


Who said if it’s worth having then it’s worth waiting for (probably your Mom at some point).

For all you Apple heads out there who were so passionate about wanting to enjoy a 110% Apple experience with Splashtop Remote, the wait is over ..

Introducing Mac support for Splashtop Remote !

Now enjoy the same market leading features for Windows, but with your favorite Mac (so long as you have 10.6 or above then you’re good to go)


V1.0 features include (you’ll need the updated app store app for some of these) :

  • Native screen resolution – keep the same screen resolution setting
  • Multi-Monitor – view that second monitor with a tap
  • Video mode is back – switch between sharp or smooth video playback (insane stuff this video mode)
  • Orientation/Rotation lock – fix your Mac desktop oriented the way YOU want
  • Enhanced cursor control – page through documents with ease without peeking around the keyboard

So download, install and get your Mac on!


The Splashtop Support Team

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    juan carlos torres
    I am having problems with my download I try to install it on my macbookpro but when it gets to select a destination it only gives me the go back option not the continue option and it just stays like that now I have already bought the app on the iPad please tell me what I can do to make this work thanks !!!
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    Eddie Patzsch

    Same thing happened to me, I'd like a refund if it isn't going to work on my iPad

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    Splashtop Support

    As noted above, please make sure you have OS X 10.6 or higher.

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