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Splashtop Remote Desktop HD for Android Honeycomb tablet version released

We have just released a new & improved app optimized for Android Honeycomb tablets.

  • Optimized for dual-core Tegra 2 chip - capable of up to 30fps video/audio playback
  • Enhanced interactivity with lower latency for gaming
  • Support full interactive PowerPoint / Keynote animations, video, and audio
  • Enhanced touch gesture for Honeycomb tablet resolutions
You can get this version from Google Android Market and hope you will like it.


Windows Streamer version released

Windows Streamer What's New v1.4.5.3:

  • Improved Internet discovery
  • Added support for new Splashtop Whiteboard app
  • Implemented native resolution setting for Android devices
  • Updated Streamer UI and EULA
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