Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad, iPhone & iPod version released

What's New in Version

  • Improved international language input support - direct keyboard input for multi-byte characters (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) is now available (text input buffer removed)
  • Improved support for bluetooth keyboards.  (HD for iPad only)
  • Added F1-F12 keys to supplemental keyboard.  (for iPhone/iPod Touch only)
  • Enhancements added to in-session Control Menu (accessible via 3-finger tap):
    1. "Disconnect session" button will allow you to return to computer list without closing the app
    2. "Gesture hints" button to remind you of all the gestures you can use


NOTIFICATION:  To enjoy these latest features and improvements, please make sure you’re using the latest version of the PC (v1.6.0.1) or Mac OSX 10.6+ (Snow Leopard or Lion) (v1.6.0.0) Splashtop Streamer.  (free download from www.splashtop.com/streamer)


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