Splashtop Remote Desktop for Mac 1.0.7 released

We have released Splashtop Remote Desktop for Mac version 1.0.7.  Please upgrade to enjoy!


What's new:

  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Mac OSX Lion full screen mode support.
  • "Best fit" for client computer resolution.
  • Improved discovery and connectivity over Internet.
  • Support for sending Command+Q keyboard shortcut to remote Mac computer.
  • Improved CPU performance. (**)
  • Improved remote cursor latency and scrolling speed.
  • Localization in 7 major languages.
  • Support for Japanese and European Mac keyboards.
  • Misc bug fixes.


note.gif  ** IMPORTANT NOTES on CPU performance setting in Preferences:

  • When the setting is ON (the default setting), it will auto adjust the optimal frames per second (FPS) performance for desktop streaming for balanced CPU utilization.
  • When the setting is OFF, it will use maximum CPU performance available to deliver highest desktop streaming performance. (Only recommended for latest models of Macs)


The Splashtop Support Team

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