Windows Streamer version released

What's New in Splashtop Streamer for Windows


[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed some issues for Splashtop FileHound.

  • Fixed some issues for Splashtop Whiteboard.

  • Fixed the large size log file issue.

  • Fixed the situation wherein a computer could not "sleep" again after disconnecting from a successful connection.



  • Improved the issue wherein it said another Splashtop Remote client is connected, when connecting to another Streamer.

  • Improved ability to get a remote connection in the worst network conditions (e.g.:  weak signal of 3G or Wi-Fi).  Please follow the steps below to enable this hidden feature if you want it:
    1.  Download the attached file [for3G.reg_] within this posted article, and then to rename it to [for3G.reg]
    2.  Double-click [for3G.reg] to import the Windows Registry keys of Splashtop Streamer
        (this step may trigger a Windows system warning message; please allow it to proceed).
    3.  Re-launch the Splashtop Streamer, or restart the computer, to make this change take effect.

    * Please note that enabling this feature will temporarily lower the display quality during the initial 60 seconds, and then, it will turn back to high quality again.  It may still cause the connection to be lost if your 3G/Wi-Fi still remains in a low or unstable bandwidth condition.


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