Splashtop GamePad THD version released


  Want to play 3D PC games on your tablet?

  Now, with the "Best of CES 2012" award-winning Splashtop THD, you CAN!

Notice: This version is ONLY compatible with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 equipped tablets (Ice Cream Sandwich).  To play Skyrim in FULL screen mode, you need a computer with NVIDIA GeForce graphics card or else the game can only be played in windowed view.  For more information, please visit here for details.


We have released Splashtop GamePad THD (for NVIDIA Tegra 3 tablets) version  Please upgrade to enjoy!


What's new:

  1. GamePad mode now supports more games!  Now it includes:
    (a) Skyrim  (instructions)
    (b) PES2012  (instructions)
    (c) World of Warcraft  (instructions)
    (d) Diablo 3  (instructions)
    (e) Civilization V  (instructions)
    (f) Portal 2  (instructions)
  2. Improved external mouse and keyboard operation for GamePad mode.
  3. You can now hide or display on-screen control.


The Splashtop Support Team


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