Basic Remote Manual


  • Requires client app purchase/installation from app store
  • Requires streamer app download/installation onto Mac/PC (
    • Need to create security code to be used with client app
    • Note: if connection fails, be sure to check firewall settings (
  • More information here:


Computer/Streamer selection

The 1st screen after launching the client application and not counting the First Time Wizard, is the Computer/Streamer list.  This screen will show all computers that have Streamer installed and are on the local network or are logged into your gmail account with 'internet discovery" (discussed below).  In addition, the list will save and display all computers that you have connected to in the past - even if they are not available.


For each computer/streamer in the list, the arrow icon to the right of the computer allows you to change some settings:

  • Save security code so you do not need to reenter each time when connecting to this particular computer
  • Set the resolution to view on client - mainly 1024x768 and "native resolution"
    • 1024x768 is the best fit resolution for ipad, but may affect icon and window sizes on actual computer
    • "native resolution" does not change the computer resolution, so no icon/window side affects; however, the display will appear smaller on client
  • Delete computer/streamer from the saved list, so it will not show up unless it is available on a local network


Over the internet connection (Internet Discovery)

  • Requires gmail account and login
  • Login with gmail account into streamer app
  • Login with same gmail account into client app
  • More details here:



  • Keyboard - tap on keyboard icon at bottom right corner of screen
  • left-click - 1-finger tap
  • right-click - 1-finger tap and hold
  • Trackpad mode (mouse-like interface) - 2-finger tap
  • Window scroll - 2-finger drag up/down
  • Desktop pan - 3-finger drag up/down/left/right
  • Advanced options - double tap on keyboard icon or 3-finger tap (options may vary on different clients)
    • Disconnect
    • Hints
    • Orientation Lock
    • Sharp/Smooth modes - high res low frame rate/ low res high frame rate
    • Trackpad mode
    • Mulit-monitor - change monitor displayed on client
    • arrow pad - virtual arrow pad
    • keyboard
  • Additional information here:
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