Firewall Settings for Splashtop Remote - Mac configuration

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This topic is intended as reference information in setting up the firewall configuration for Splashtop Remote Streamer, to enable receipt of incoming connections from the network.


Step 1:  Launch the System Preferences and click on Security.



Step 2:  Click on Firewall.  If your Firewall is Off as shown below, then you can skip the rest of this guide.



Step 3:  If your Firewall is set to On, click the Advanced... button.



Step 4:  Make sure the Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections checkbox is checked.



Step 5:  Click the "+" button indicated below.



Step 6:  Scroll down the Applications folder to locate Splashtop Remote Streamer.  Select it and click the Add button.



If you have performed Steps 3-6, you should see "Splashtop Remote Streamer" listed in the firewall's white list as follows:



note.gif  NOTE:  In normal practice, if your firewall setting matches Step 4, then Step 5 and 6 are only needed if you are having difficulties in allowing your tablet/phone to discover your computer.

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    James Sweet

    This would be helpful if 1) my firewall wasn't turned off which it is and 2) if responses took less than 24 hours. Streamer used to work fine and nothing has changed in the config on my macbook pro.

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    @James Sweet,

    We had a known issue mac streamer would be inaccessible after 24hours, but it's fixed in v2.3.0.8.

    Please also remember to install our Virtual Driver from Streamer/Settings tab if your mac may enter Display sleep.

    Please don't let your mac enter sleep, otherwise it won't be accessible by Splashtop app unless awaken from sleep mode.

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