Firewall Settings for Splashtop Remote - ESET Smart Security 4

1.  Open the ESET Smart Security window.


2.  Click the “Setup” option, then click the “Toggle Advanced mode” function.


3.  In the “Toggle Advanced mode” dialog box, click the “Yes” button.


4.  The ESET Smart Security window will return to its main Setup screen.


5.  Click the “Personal firewall” option under Setup at the left side of the window, then click the “Advanced Personal firewall setup…” function.


6.  The “Personal firewall” Setup options will display.


7.  Select Automatic mode in the list of Filtering Modes if you do not want a Windows confirmation message to pop up every time the Splashtop Streamer is executed.   Or, if you do want the Windows message to display and ask you to confirm every time the Splashtop Streamer is executed, select Interactive Mode from the list, as shown below.  After making your choice, click the OK button.


8.  You will then be returned to the main ESET Smart Security screen.  Select the “Personal firewall” option again, then click the “Advanced Personal firewall setup…” option again.


9.  Select the “Rules and zones” option, then click the “Setup…” button under the “Zone and rule editor” section.


10.  In the “Zone and rule setup” window, click the “New” button.


11.  The “New rule” window will appear.  In the “General” tab, shown below, do the following:

        11-1.  Type “Splashtop” in the “Name” field.

        11-2.  In the “Action” drop-down menu, select the “Allow” option.

        11-3.  Then click “Local” to open the Local tab.


12.  In the “Local” tab, click the “Browse…” button.


13.  In the “Open” dialog, browse to the “C:\Program Files\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server” folder.

       13-1.  Click “DataProxy” and then click the “Open” button.


NOTE:  Change the drive name if your Splashtop Streamer is installed in another drive.   (e.g.  D:\ ......)

14.  Return to the “Local” tab in the “New rule” dialog box, and then click the “OK” button.


15.  Make sure the “DataProxy” application has been added into the “Application/Rule” list in the “Zone and rule setup” window.  Then click the “OK” button.


16.  Repeat Steps 10 through 15 to add the remaining applications listed below into the “Application/Rule” list.  After you have done this, all settings are finished.


  C:\Program Files (x86)\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server

  ─ OR ─

  C:\Program Files\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server

  • Dataproxy.exe (only necessary if still using Internet Discover feature)
  • spupnp.exe (only necessary if still using Internet Discover feature)
  • SRFeature.exe
  • SRLogin.exe (no longer exists in ver. 2.x and later)
  • SRServer.exe
  • SRUpdate.exe
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