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NOTE:  The text below is a kind "sharing of information" by one of our Splashtop Remote users — Ted Fritchlee — explaining how to configure the firewall / port forwarding on the Cisco ASA 5505 router to enable you to use Splashtop Remote.  Feel free to leave appreciative comments for Ted if these instructions help you!


No help needed.  I just wanted to pass along information for others.  I found very little documentation on the Internet on how to configure a Cisco ASA firewall for use with SplashTop Remote.  So, I created a configuration others could use.  Please add this in your support/FAQ section.  It defines how to configure your Cisco ASA 5505 firewall for SplashTop Remote access. — Thanks.

How to configure your Cisco ASA 5505 firewall for SplashTop Remote access

1.  Create a Service Group for the SplashTop Ports (used on the NAT statement):

  • object service SplashTop
  • service tcp source range 6783 6785
  • description Splashtop Remote Ports

2.  Create Service Object for the SplashTop Ports (used on the ACL):

  • object-group service STR tcp
  • description Splashtop Remote Ports
  • port-object range 6783 6785

3.  Create a Network Object for the PC running SplashTop Streamer (used on the NAT statement):

  • object network
  • host
  • description Address of PC running SplashTop Streamer


4.  Create an ACL to allow SplashTop access from the Internet:

  • access-list outside_access_in line 1 remark Allow Access for Splashtop Remote
  • access-list outside_access_in line 2 extended permit tcp any object object-group STR
  • access-group outside_access_in in interface outside

5.  Create a NAT for the inside PC running SplashTop Streamer:

  • nat (inside,outside) source static interface service SplashTop SplashTop


6.  Current default NAT to NAT all inside host addresses to the outside interface:

  • nat (inside,outside) source dynamic any interface


7.  Move the default NAT down under the static NAT:

  • no nat 1
  • nat (inside,outside) 2 source dynamic any interface
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