Firewall Settings for Splashtop Remote - CA Internet Security Suite Plus

1. Invoke the Internet Security Suite Plus software, and then click the Update Settings option in the “MY COMPUTER” section.


2. The “Home >> My Computer >> Settings” page will display.   Click the Program Access tab.


3. In the “Program Access” page, click Create a New Group.


4. In the Group Name field, type “Splashtop” as shown below.  Then click the Add Programs button.


5. In the “Please select a file” dialog shown below, navigate to the C:\Program Files\Splashtop\Splashtop Remote\Server folder.  Select DataProxy.exe, then click the OK button.


6. Repeat Step 5 to add the remaining applications listed below into the “Add Programs” list. 

  • Dataproxy.exe (only necessary if still using Internet Discover feature)
  • spupnp.exe (only necessary if still using Internet Discover feature)
  • SRFeature.exe
  • SRLogin.exe (no longer exists in ver. 2.x and later)
  • SRServer.exe
  • SRUpdate.exe

7. After the .exe files have all been added into the Splashtop group as shown below, click the Next button.


8. Select Enable In Bound Access, and then click the Finish button.


You’re done!


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