Firewall Settings for Splashtop Remote – Little Snitch (Mac)

How to configure the Mac Streamer for use with “Little Snitch”

We have received reports that some “log-in connection errors” have occurred on Mac PCs on which firewall protection software called “Little Snitch” was installed.  Users usually receive a pop-up log-in error message after installing the Mac Streamer.

Following are instructions on how to configure the Splashtop Streamer on Little Snitch.

Illustrated below is an example of an error message that may pop up when you attempt to log in to the Mac Streamer after installing it.



Directly allow Splashtop processes in the Little Snitch Configuration list

1. Please open Little Snitch and find a process named “SRStreamer Daemon.”


2. Double click on SRStreamer Daemon and perform the next few sub-steps to allow it for connection


─ Select Allow Connections as shown below


─ Un-check the Until Quit checkbox as indicated below, and select the Any Server option.


─ Click OK


3. Configure all “SRStreamerDaemon” processes


4. Log in to your Splashtop Account on the Mac Streamer

Add new Rules for Splashtop Streamer processes to the Configuration list

If the Splashtop Streamer related processes cannot be found in the Little Snitch Configuration list, then you will need to manually create new rules.

1. Click the New Rule button near the upper left of the windowlittle9.png


2. In the “From Process” section of the dialog box, select Choose Application… as shown below


3. Select Splashtop and then click Choose


4. For “Process Owner,” select System, then click OK

After you have done this, Splashtop Streamer exists in the Little Snitch Configuration list and is allowed for connection, as shown below

5. Open the Splashtop Streamer dialog box


6. Enter your Splashtop Account and password to log inlittle15.png


7. Several messages related to the “SRStreamerDaemon” may appear.  If so, please allow Forever and select Any Connection for all processes, as shown below

8. After allowing all “SRStreamerDaemon” processes, you should be able to log in to the Splashtop Streamer successfully

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