Do You Ask Help in Writing Your School Papers?

A lot of paper writing companies offering either professional writing or professional editing assistance are sprouting nowadays. For people who take advantage of this opportunity; letting other people do their own paper are making things harder for them. Why? Because aside from wasting money to pay for people they hire to write essay papers, more importantly, they are admitting to themselves that they can't do a simple task of writing a paper without asking for any help. 
Writing a paper is a school task that every student must fulfill themselves not only because its included in their overall score but also because it teaches them to be responsible individuals. A responsible student follows school rules, studies his or her lessons and absolutely doesn't rely on other people to do their assignments and papers. 
Well, there are cases that students can seek help from those they trust can help them in the likes of their teachers and mentors but there is certainly a limit to it. Never should a student, ask for other person or people to do his or her assignments or papers because that is something unforgivable and humiliating on the part of a teacher. Teachers, aside from hoping that they are able to impart knowledge to their students, also wish to mold them into honest, responsible and modest ones. If they turn into people who seeks writers to do their papers, then, certainly, they failed in their jobs.
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