Splashtop Audio Lag

I'm sometimes getting audio lagging video by several seconds when I use Splashtop Remote Desktop on my iPad. Using Internet Discovery from a remote location using WiFi or 3G, I sign in to my MacBook Pro at home, which is running Mac OS X 10.6.__ Snow Leopard. In Google Chrome on the MacBook I bring up either an Amazon Prime instant video or a Netflix instant video and start watching it on the iPad ... but the audio sometimes lags as much as 3-4 seconds behind the video. But sometimes there is no lag, or a very small lag. The Mac Streamer version is The iPad app version is I use a Comcast High Speed Internet connection via an Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station. I don't think there is ever any audio lag when I do the same thing using Splashtop on my home wireless network. Only when I am accessing my MacBook screen remotely via Splashtop. AFAIK, there is never any audio lag when I watch the videos right at the MacBook. (I have the audio muted on the MacBook when it is being accessed via Splashtop, so I can't tell whether the remote audio lag is duplicated on the MacBook.) Thanks for a very useful suite of products, and thanks for your help ... Eric Stewart Catonsville, MD, USA


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