Audio was working and then with the ipad updated, it stopped working. HELP

DId the app upgrade on my ipad and now it won't play the audio. I had the audio before. HELP!!! Running on the ipad and on my 64-bit windows 7 system.

The odd bit is it was working before and then when up updated the ipad app, it stopped. Can I get the old one back?

DId all this:

Hi all,

Sorry for late response.

We are keeping collect and fixing no sound issues, however, there're many sound cards combine with many OS environments need time dig. 

Here we'd like to provide our current collections and possible solutions, workaround way for you to try, hope they can help you:

1. please confirm your audio settings are following the instructions on this link:


2. if you are SB X-FI Titanium sound card, there's a known issue caused by audio driver and our engineering is seeking solution. Before fixing it, please use the workaround like brian case, we also have an attachment in detailed steps here.

3. make sure the audio is unmuted on ipad side switch like Tony case.


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